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Glaucoma is often caused by high pressure inside the eye, but it may also be caused by high blood pressure to the optic nerve. If you’re experiencing increased difficulty seeing, you may be experiencing glaucoma symptoms. 

Kelly Vision: A Leading Glaucoma Center

As someone who suffered from poor vision himself, Dr. James Kelly wants his patients to experience clear vision and live a better quality of life. Since founding Kelly Vision Center in 1998, Dr. Kelly has made it his goal to provide excellence in clinical and surgical care for his patients. This is why he became board-certified in all aspects of refractive surgery — this level of accomplishment allows him to offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical options to achieve the best outcome possible for each unique patient’s individual needs, including glaucoma treatment.

What are the First Signs of Glaucoma?

Recognizing the symptoms of glaucoma early on is the key to successful treatment and to preventing the advanced symptoms of the condition. The most common first symptom of glaucoma is difficulty with peripheral vision (viewing objects from the side).

Glaucoma usually manifests with peripheral vision failure or diminished clarity, while difficulty viewing objects directly in front of you with clarity may instead be a sign of macular degeneration. If glaucoma is allowed to go untreated, it will continue to progress into the inner line of vision, and will eventually cause blindness. While the damage caused by glaucoma is irreversible, if caught early enough glaucoma can be treated and its progression can be controlled.

Types of Glaucoma

Primary Angle Open Glaucoma: This type of glaucoma usually develops gradually, as debris particles slowly clog up the eye’s drainage passage. This debris eventually causes pressure buildup in the eye. Primary angle open glaucoma refers to a blockage that is past the drainage passage’s entrance. 

Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma: This type of glaucoma is less common than primary angle open glaucoma, but it is very similar. This type, however, refers to a blockage that is at the very entrance of the channel. This causes pressure in the eye to develop more quickly. 

Secondary Glaucoma: Secondary glaucoma is when the condition develops because of a known cause of increased eye pressure, such as an injury, diabetes, a tumor, steroids, other medication, etc. Secondary glaucoma can come on instantly or gradually, and it can occur in one or both eyes.

Developmental Glaucoma: While most glaucoma patients are 40 years old and up, babies and young children can also develop it. This occurs due to incomplete or incorrect development of the ocular drainage passage — which can create blockages, putting pressure on the ocular nerves. 

Glaucoma Treatment Options

Glaucoma may be treated in different ways including eyedrops and medication, but laser vision surgery is one available treatment that is being used recently and achieves very good results. Relieving the pressure in the eye is the key to treating glaucoma, and this can be done with an incision or a laser. If you believe you may be experiencing glaucoma, we encourage you to meet with Dr. Kelly so that he can evaluate your eye health and make a diagnosis to get you on the path to better vision and prevent more serious symptoms.

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What to Expect During Your Consultation

We offer free consultations to get you on your way to better vision. In your first meeting with Dr. Kelly, he will ask about your medical history, including information about your overall eye health and any history of glaucoma within your family. He will perform an eye exam to see if you have glaucoma — and if so, what kind it is and how advanced it is. He will then develop a treatment plan that is personalized to your needs.  

Insurance Options

Many patients want to know if their procedure is covered by health insurance. This isn’t always clear until we have spoken with you, but many services that we offer are fully or partially covered. If there’s a procedure that you’re interested in and you’d like to know whether or not it’s covered, we encourage you to inquire about specifics when you’re in the office with us. We can determine if your procedure will be assisted by the financial help of health coverage.

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Glaucoma Treatment at Kelly Vision Center

Dr. James Kelly and his team are dedicated to making your vision correction one of the greatest experiences of your life. We offer a boutique experience where you are more than just a number. That’s why Dr. Kelly will be involved with every step of your journey, from consultation to post-op care. Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, Dr. Kelly is an ophthalmologist with refractive surgery as his subspecialty. He is New York’s choice for vision correction. If you’re in the NYC or Long Island areas and you’re interested in learning more about glaucoma treatment, contact us today for a free consultation.

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