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Reviews from Our Patients

At Kelly Vision Center, we love to hear from our patients. Dr. Kelly has helped thousands of people improve their vision – and enhance their lives. Over 20-years of success stories! Please read the following recent reviews from our patients throughout the New York and New Jersey area.

Testimonial 8

My wife needed a touch up and Dr. Kelly knew how difficult it is for her to come to the city. He fit her in his schedule and did the procedure right away. I am sure any other doctor would have given her the run around. Your whole team is amazing!! I feel soo lucky to have found Dr. Kelly and his staff.


Testimonial 6

Love Love Love Kelly Laser Center and the whole staff. I got my LASIK done last week and I can't stop spreading the word about how great the process was and my excitement about being able to see 20/15! I am officially a walking billboard.


Testimonial 5

I heard about laser surgery maybe 15 or 20 years ago. I never thought it was something I was ever going to be able to do or afford. It was something futuristic. Then, two or three years ago, a friend of mine had it done with Dr. Kelly and told me it was the best thing in the world...

Testimonial 3

My two older children also had it done. They went in for their first consult and, thank God, they were both candidates for the surgery. They were done with the whole process within two weeks. It was that quick. It depends on what your situation is. You can really get in, make an appointment and be done pretty soon after.


Testimonial 2

Dr. Kelly is amazing! He’s a great doctor. Very straight foward, him and his staff make you feel very comfortable every time you go for a visit. I had my LASIK surgery done a little more than a year ago. Couldn’t thank him enough for the change in my life. Would recommend him to anyone looking to get LASIK done. Thank you Dr. Kelly and staff!


Testimonial 1

I just wanted to let you know how critical it was that I had the LASIK procedure performed before deploying to Iraq. I can’t imagine having to engage a threat with my previously poor vision. The LASIK procedure enabled me to be ready for whatever we encountered without having to think about it, as I had to all my life wearing contacts or glasses. I’ve been recommending the procedure to new guys heading over. Thanks Dr. Kelly.


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