Watch:  Dr. Kelly on Fox & Friends

"Dr. James Kelly, M.D., discusses the outbreak of drug-resistant bacteria linked to eye drops, the investigation into the contamination and provides advice on how to decrease infection." asdfsdf

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The Best Eyedrops for Contact Lenses

Find out which eye drops work best for contact lens wearers in 2023, with links to each product on Amazon.

Dr. Kelly in the Ophthalmology Times

"Dry eye disease affects millions of individuals in the United States alone. Several factors can trigger and exacerbate the condition, some of which are easier to fix than others."

"James Kelly, MD, and Veronica Ramsarat, OD, both from the Kelly Vision Center in New York City, New York, share their clinical pearls for avoiding aggravating factors and managing signs and symptoms."

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Screenshot of the Digital Journal article covering blue light glasses

Dr. Kelly Weighs In on "Blue Light Glasses"

"What to make of the blue light glasses concept? To gain an expert insight, Digital Journal asked renowned Ophthalmologist and Refractive Surgeon Specialist Dr. James Kelly of the Kelly Vision Center in NYC."

Tips to Improve Your Vision

"Did it seem like, at one point in your life, your vision was a lot better than it is now? It may be hard to admit it, but as we age, our vision worsens. As a matter of fact, 7 million Americans have trouble seeing due to some degree of vision impairment."

"But that doesn't mean there isn't hope. You can do many things to help your vision, even in your later years."

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Screenshot of article in Digital Journal covering FDA's guidance on laser eye surgery

New Guidance From the FDA on Laser Eye Surgery

"The U.S. FDA has issued a new LASIK Patient Labeling Guidance Ruling. The ruling was first intended to come out late November/ early December. The ruling has apparently caused a level of confusion among consumers, and it has upset a number of ophthalmologists."

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