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PRN Omega 3 Supplements for Dry Eye Relief

Dry eye syndrome is when you suffer from a lack of the natural tear production needed for proper lubrication, leaving eyes dry, scratchy, and uncomfortable. One of the treatments we offer is PRN dry eye omega supplements. 

PRN Omega-3 Dry Eye Benefits

Omega-3 essential fatty acids and certain vitamins are critical for good health.

  • Improves occasional dry eye issues like grittiness, dryness, and burning
  • Improves tear film quality: a major factor in overall eye comfort and stable vision
  • Ensures that tears are healthy as part of creating a healthy surface for surgery
  • Provides critical nutrition to produce healthy, soothing tears
  • Is safe, effective, easy to digest, and doesn’t give you “fish burps”

What Causes Dry Eye?

While imbalances in the oil composition of the secretions contained in the meibomian gland are the most common cause of dry eye, the condition can also be caused by injury, your environment, or certain medications. 

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“The overall experience was definitely a breeze with Dr. Kelly and his team. A loving doctor with great bedside manner is crucial for establishing a patient-doctor relationship, and that’s what Dr. Kelly emulates. During the consultation I felt comfortable in every aspect and didn’t hesitate to proceed with scheduling. From start to finish, I couldn’t have recommend anyone better. I will be referring all of my friends and family to Dr. Kelly for any optical procedures needed.” 

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How Much Omega-3 Should be Taken?

PRN is a leading producer of food-based supplements, often referred to as “nutritional supplements” or “nutraceuticals”. PRN omega-3 contains high amounts of both DHA and EPA. For suggested use, four softgels per day provide 2-3 grams of omega-3s in the re-esterified triglyceride form (rTG). And 2-3 grams of omega-3s per day have been shown to provide heart-health benefits. This product is an effective and safe way to increase your omega-3 intake.

Got Dry Eyes? Take the PRN 90 Day Challenge

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Why Choose Kelly Vision Center?

If you have any questions about PRN Omega-3 and how they could help, please contact Kelly Vision Center today. Founded by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. James Kelly in 1998, Kelly Vision Center is New York’s trusted choice for vision correction. At Kelly Vision Center, we offer a boutique experience where you are more than just a number. We look forward to meeting you.

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