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What Is Custom Laser Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is the most commonly performed and most popular laser refractive surgery to correct vision problems. The procedure involves highly controlled, extremely precise removal of corneal tissue — using a laser — to re-shape the cornea and improve its focusing power. After LASIK in NYC our patients experience immediate, life-changing results. They are consistently thrilled and liberated.

What Is The Cost of Lasik?

We’ve made Premium LASIK more affordable: $2,999 for both eyes for a limited time.* This includes the procedure and the follow-up visit. We welcome you to schedule your free consultation now while this lasts. *Offers cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

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Lasik Surgery at Kelly Vision Center

LASIK Surgery Patient Experiences

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Meet Dr. Kelly

At Kelly Vision Center, every aspect of care is handled by board-certified ophthalmic surgeon Dr. James Kelly himself, from consultation to surgery to post-operative care. He is the only surgeon in NYC to be certified in all aspects of laser refractive surgery, which allows him to offer his patients a full repertoire of both surgical and non-surgical options to get the best solution for their visual needs.

With Dr. Kelly, you will receive personalized, one-on-one care and a boutique experience. You’re not just a number here; you are more than that to us. If you’re in the NYC and Long Island area and you’re interested in LASIK eye surgery from a top LASIK surgeon, book your free consultation with us today.

Why Should You Get Lasik?

Many individuals choose to undergo LASIK because they want to improve their vision and eye health, as well as become free from having a dependency on glasses and/or contacts. At Kelly Vision Center, we believe that you should be able to see your world without any worry, stress, or discomfort. That’s why we want to help you avoid the lifelong need for glasses and contacts. After a night of sleep, you should be able to simply open your eyes and see everything.

  • Glasses and contacts can be expensive, uncomfortable, and time-consuming
  • A contact lens can become lost in the eye, which is painful and distressing
  • A contact lens can come out of the eye and become lost on the ground or on clothing
  • A contact lens can rip while inside the eye, which is painful
  • Glasses can become misplaced
  • Glasses can be hot or bulky, or may get in the way of certain activities
  • Dr. Kelly is a highly reviewed eye surgeon by patients online
  • Affordable payment options for all patients
  • See better for life with the most popular vision correction procedure

Who Is a Good Candidate for Lasik?

Lasik eye surgery in Long Island can elicit powerful results in the right individuals. Candidates for the procedure will meet the following criteria:

  • Have healthy eyes are free from injury, infection, and harmful conditions (dry eye syndrome or conjunctivitis.
  • Have a thick corneal area. If the cornea is too thin or misshapen, it could lead to complications during surgery and negatively impact the results.
  • The patient’s pupils are not excessively large. Overly large pupils increase the likelihood of developing certain side effects such as glare, halos, and starbursts in low light.
  • The patient’s prescription for correction is within a low limit. If the prescription for correcting myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism is excessively high, the procedure may not be right for the patient.
  • Be 18 years or older. Eyes continue developing into adulthood.
  • The patient has had stable vision for at least a period of two years. Any refractive errors should be stable for at least 24 months before having refractive surgery performed. 
  • Be in good general health. Certain conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and Type 1 diabetes, will negatively impact a patient’s candidacy.
  • The patient is not pregnant. Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can have an impact on the shape of the cornea. Patients should wait until after childbirth to undergo this procedure.
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What Should You Expect During Your Lasik Consultation?

During your free consultation with Dr. Kelly, he will answer all of your questions about LASIK eye surgery. He will educate you on your eye condition and take you step-by-step through each of your vision correction options. Special measurements of your eyes will be made, and a comprehensive eye exam will be performed to evaluate the health of your eyes — and to determine if you are a LASIK candidate.

This exam includes dilation and can take as long as 1.5 hours. In addition, our surgical coordinator will provide information about pricing, financing, and options such as custom treatments. Your LASIK eye surgery date will be scheduled, prescriptions will be called in, and consent forms will be given. Those who have challenging schedules may request to have their LASIK evaluation and the procedure performed on the same day.

What Happens During a LASIK Consultation

What Is The Lasik Procedure?

Please stop the use of contacts 10 days before your LASIK eye surgery in NYC. On the day of your procedure, you will arrive at the laser suite in our office and meet with your coordinator to go over your final payment and post-operative instructions. You will also sign consent forms. We will provide a Valium® to calm you if you prefer. Dr. Kelly will perform a brief exam of your eyes, and then you will be brought to our Laser Suite. Anesthetic eyedrops will be applied, as well as an eyelid holder device to keep you from blinking. You may feel some pressure during the surgery.