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Patients with moderate-to-severe dry eye may have persistent damage to the corneal surface. PROKERA is a safe and effective way to aid in the healing of the corneal surface while minimizing corneal scarring, which can lead to further complications and vision problems.

What is PROKERA?

PROKERA has been revolutionary in the healing of the corneal surface after diseases such as:

  • Keratitis
  • Corneal wounds
  • Recurrent corneal erosions
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Dry eye syndrome

How Does PROKERA Work?

PROKERA uses amniotic membrane tissue, which has natural therapeutic actions that help the damaged surface of the eye heal. This provides faster, more effective healing of the cornea with much less pain, scarring, and inflammation.

PROKERA leads to clear corneas and improved clinical outcomes. It’s made by adhering a piece of amniotic membrane tissue in between two rings made from a clear and flexible material.

This tissue has natural therapeutic qualities that aid in ocular surface repair. While inserted into the eye, PROKERA protects the eyes while also aiding in fast healing.

Insurance Options

Many patients want to know if their procedure is covered by health insurance. This isn’t always clear until we have spoken with you, but many services that we offer are fully or partially covered. If there’s a procedure that you’re interested in and you’d like to know whether or not it’s covered, we encourage you to inquire about specifics when you’re in the office with us. We can determine if your procedure will be assisted by the financial help of health coverage.

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“From pre-operation to aftercare, Dr. Kelly and his staff have been one of the greatest eye care teams I have encountered by far. Their office etiquette and attention to detail surpasses expectation. Thank you, Dr. Kelly and staff, for all you have done.” 



PROKERA is a safe, effective treatment provided by a tissue bank regulated by the FDA. The tissue has passed many quality control tests before it is provided to your doctor. If you’re concerned about the risks involved with using human tissue, we encourage you to bring this up with Dr. Kelly during your consultation. 

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