Horizon Medical Insurance Payments for Laser Eye Surgery in Long Island & Manhattan
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Horizon (Subsidary of Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Horizon is a member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association offering coverage to people in New Jersey. Benefits are very similar to the Empire and Excellus plans offered in New York.

Plans vary, but in general most vision plans cover:

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is generally considered a medically necessary procedure, although coverage is only available after you reach a certain level of visual impairment (20/50, best spectacle corrected vision, not legally able to drive). There are many types of diagnostic scans and procedures that are included, but others that are not. Also not covered is the use of multifocal or toric intraocular lenses–reducing dependence on corrective lenses or bifocals is not generally considered medically necessary.


LASIK and related refractive surgeries are not generally covered. Horizon does offer a discount vision plan similar to other Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliates, which means 25% off LASIK procedures if you enroll.

You can also make LASIK more affordable by taking advantage of options for using pre-tax money to pay for the procedure, such as health savings accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts.

For more information about specific coverage associated with your policy, please contact Kelly Laser Vision today to talk to an insurance coordinator at our Manhattan or Long Island location.