In today’s world it’s more common to be using a digital device then it is not to. When it comes to work, school, and play technology is usually involved. But did you know playing your favorite game on your cellphone could be causing your eyes harm? Here are some tips and tricks to relieve your eyes from digital eye strain…

Use proper lighting. Eye strain can often be caused by using your device in low or high light. Do you ever use your cellphone while you are in bed with the lights off? Try to avoid device use in the dark. Brighten up dark spaces with ambient lighting. Do you experience sun glare while on your iPad? Eliminate exterior light by closing traps or shades.

Adjust display settings. Digital devices, like your cell phone and tablet, can often bee too bright when turned all the way up. Go into setting on your device and adjust the brightness where it is comfortable for your eyes. Also consider text size as this can cause strain if set too low.

Blink more often. Studies show that when working on your computer, or playing on your phone, you are less likely to blink. Blinking is very important! It’s an exercise for your eyes, and moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation.

If you would like to learn more about more wats to get relief when it comes to digital eyestrain, please give us a call, or reach out to us on social media!

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