Brite White for Beautiful Looking Eyes

Have you noticed the color of your eyes has gotten darker, duller, or even that the whites of your eyes are starting to look permanently bloodshot? This can be an uncomfortable, even debilitating issue for your self-esteem, but fortunately, there is a procedure called Brite White that can give you healthy, beautiful looking eyes.

What Is Brite White?

Brite White is a surgical procedure that removes the conjunctiva membrane. This is the thin surface layer of your eye where most of the redness and pigmentation problems occur when your eye becomes discolored. The surgery is a no-stitch procedure, and it only takes about 30 minutes to perform. It is often considered a cosmetic procedure, but it can do a world of good for your self-confidence. 

Who Needs Brite White?

 Anyone who feels that their eyes are becoming dull, discolored, or hyperpigmented could benefit from Brite White. The whites of the eyes sometimes become brown and discolored from time spent out in the sun, age, or other reasons, and this can make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. If your eyes are permanently bloodshot or have freckles, pigmentation, and staining, you might also benefit from Brite White.

Finally, there is a condition called pterygium, which can cause a growth on the eye’s surface that looks reddish-brown. It also causes a number of uncomfortable symptoms like tearing, dryness, irritation, and vision problems. Brite White can fix this issue as well, giving you back clear, white eyes and also minimizing the uncomfortable symptoms of pterygium.

What Does Brite White Surgery Entail?

 As previously stated, it only takes your doctor about 30 minutes to perform the Brite White surgery, but they will only do the procedure on one eye at a time. You’ll need to wait between one and four weeks for the second surgery. During your procedure, your doctor will remove the surface conjunctiva membrane, which has become discolored. Then, you will receive an application of Mitomyicin-C, which is a medication that will decrease the chances of further discoloration in the future. After that, your doctor will apply the new surface layer.

You will be sedated during the surgery and given local anesthesia, but you will be awake. Most people do not feel any discomfort during the surgery. Most people are able to go home the same day, wearing an eye patch for about 24 hours, and resume normal activities a few days later. If you receive the surgery on a Friday, for example, you will likely be able to go back to work on Monday once your doctor releases you from your follow-up appointment. 

What Should I Expect from Brite-White Surgery?

 Brite-White surgery causes very few side effects, but bruising, light sensitivity, and eyelid swelling can occur. You will usually see the full results of the surgery within four to 18 weeks afterward, and the results typically last as long as 10 years. Depending on your situation, certain enhancements may be necessary during or after the surgery to get the best results for your eyes.

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