What Can OptiLight Do For My Dry Eye Syndrome?

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, OptiLight can relieve the symptoms by reducing inflammation and reinvigorating the function of the meibomian gland. This treatment can:

  • Delays tear evaporation
  • Reduce the number of mites and bacteria around the eyes
  • Shrink the blood vessels contributing to inflammation
  • Enhance the function of the meibomian gland

What Does the Treatment With OptiLight Entail?

Dry eye syndrome is commonly caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). It is a disorder of the tear film that generally develops because one of two reasons: either the tears are evaporating too quickly, or the eye is not producing enough tears. Both of these reasons cause damage to the ocular surface and are associated with symptoms of ocular discomfort and visual disturbance. 

During the treatment, you will feel a warm sensation with minimal discomfort, and no pain. The treatment takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete. The customized light energy can deliver a higher level of comfort and improved quality of life, without the need for a more invasive treatment.

Inflammation & Dry Eye Syndrome

One of the contributing factors to dry eye syndrome is inflammation. If the eye area is inflamed, your body may be unable to produce enough tears to keep the eyes lubricated, or affect the mix of water, oils, and salts in the tears. When the eyes are poorly lubricated, they are unable to manage environmental substances such as dust, germs, and dirt, which can lead to damaging the eye surface, triggering an inflammatory response that can worsen dry eye syndrome. With OptiLight treatments, the inflammation can be treated, with a series of gentle, easy-to-experience treatments to reduce inflammation and restore healthy tear production.

What are the Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eyes come with a set of uncomfortable symptoms, including:

  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Itchy
  • Red eyes
  • Excess of stringy mucus
  • Scratch eye sensation as if something is in your eye
  • Blurry vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Tear composition and dry eye

This benefits those who suffer from serious dry eye conditions and is known to have a high success rate compared to other treatments that are available. This low-cost option is an effective way of managing dry eye syndrome. Although the plugs are not painful to have inserted, patients may feel a bit of resistance before the plugs naturally pop into place. Many patients report the plugs are comfortable once they are properly inserted.

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Why Choose Kelly Vision Center?

Kelly Vision Center in NYC is widely known as the most advanced eye center in the region. Dr. James Kelly is dedicated to ensuring his patients have a positive experience and access to the most advanced treatment available worldwide. When a non-invasive, fast, comfortable treatment for dry eyes such as OptiLight is developed and becomes available, he wants to ensure his patients have every option that could bring them relief, and a better quality of life. If you suffer from dry eyes, we invite you to discover a boutique eye treatment center where you are always a VIP, and where you can treat dry eye syndrome with next-generation treatments.

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