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Sunrise Yoga Walk in Central Park

Not a morning person? You will be after the Sunrise Yoga Walk in Central Park!

This is a favorite activity among tourists and locals alike. It’s the perfect opportunity to start your day off on a refreshing note. You’ll get in some exercise while exploring one of New York’s most famous attractions!


A Break from the Chaos

New York City is one of the busiest places you’ll ever be in. There’s beauty in the chaos, but you’ll likely want a break from all of the hustle and bustle.

The Sunrise Yoga Walk is the perfect chance to experience a different side of NYC. At an early hour, you’ll get to explore the gorgeous Central Park when it’s not so busy.

Seeing “The City That Never Sleeps” as it’s just waking up is a unique opportunity. A certified fitness instructor and tour guide will lead you through the park on a power walk. At each stop, you’ll get to learn more about the area while partaking in relaxing yoga exercises.


Notable Attractions

Central Park has plenty to offer. A few notable attractions you’ll encounter on your journey include:



Central Park has three major woodlands, one being The Ramble on 79th St Transverse. It features beautiful native and nonnative foliage, creating a colorful tropical scenery. The forest is home to rustic structures such as bridges and has many winding paths. You’ll also spot many different species of birds, as The Ramble is a historic bird-watching site. Point is, you are bound to feel at peace in this beautiful forest.

The other two major woodlands, the Hallett Nature Sanctuary and North Woods, also offer serene landscapes for your yoga walk.


The Lake 

What better place to do yoga than by a calming body of water? The Lake is Central Park’s second-largest body of water and has a rich history.

The Bethesda Terrace right next to the Lake offers a very relaxing stop. You can gaze out at the water and admire the Bethesda Fountain. The fountain’s famous Angels of the Waters statue adds to the serenity with its peaceful gushing sound.


The Mall

Located at the south end of Central Park, the Mall is not what it sounds like. Here, you’ll find a huge walking path encompassed by huge picturesque trees. The area is particularly beautiful in the winter when it’s just beginning to snow.

Literary buffs will also appreciate the Mall’s Literary Walk. You’ll see statues and learn more about authors such as William Shakespeare and Sir Walter Scott. Who wouldn’t want to do yoga alongside these literary icons?


More Info

Fit Tours NYC provides a Sunrise Yoga Walk every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Your tour guide will take you on a one-hour walk through the park, stopping to do yoga poses along the way.

Fit Tours NYC’s founder Michael Riordan is a certified fitness instructor and an official NYC sightseeing guide. The native New Yorker strives to combine his passion for fitness with his love for the city through tours like the Sunrise Yoga Walk.

Among all the things to experience and see in NYC – Times Square, Manhattan, Statue of Liberty – the Sunrise Yoga Walk is a great option for yoga enthusiasts.

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