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Roosevelt Field – A Shopping Experience

Roosevelt Field – Shopping For Your Next Business On The Move

Roosevelt Field Mall is an urban mall located in Garden City, New York. It is the eighth largest mall in New York City, the eighth largest mall in the state of New York and the eighth largest mall in the country. Built as a World Class Shopping Center in the original New York City, it has the oldest shops on the East Coast according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The mall is one of the most popular locations on the East Coast according to real estate experts. This is due to the fact that there are many people who commute to New York City every day, resulting in huge traffic that the Mall can handle. Another reason why this shopping mall is considered one of the best in the country is because of its architecture. Built in a unique style, using mostly iron, the building exudes opulence and luxury even though it is located in a middle-class neighbourhood.

The first floor of the Roosevelt is divided into seven different sections. The escalators move between floors. Each section has a food court, a fountain, a gift shop, a bar, a lounge and a gift service. On each floor there are a mirror and a gift bag. The escalators also branch out into a Children’s department, a woman’s department, an Off Shop, a Family Department and finally into an Entertainment Department. The seven different sections of the escalators lead to a red carpet, which welcomes you to the Roosevelt.

The Design store located in the mall sells clothes for men, women and children. You can choose between suits, casual wear, dresses and skirts. Apart from this, Calvin Klein has also a very large shoe selection for men. You can find shoes in all sorts of colours including grey, navy blue, black, brown, chestnut and sand brown. Even if you want to look fashionable, you can find Calvin Klein dress shirt, t-shirts and jeans that will complete your look.

Apart from these shops there are other shops that sell not just clothing but a variety of beauty products such as makeup, fragrances and skincare products. The finest of these products can be bought from the Est Lecher Night Repair. The shop is mainly located on Roosevelt Field and offers services that include repairing of face wrinkles. The shop also repairs sports equipment, golf clubs and pool tables.

The Est Lecher Night Repair beauty Awards has come up with a variety of exciting events such as Best Makeup Artist, Best Bathrobe and Best Facial artist. The Est Lecher Night Repair beauty Awards knows to celebrate the best in NYC based businesses. Beauty Award Winners are selected based on their excellence in customer service, innovation and their creative designs.

Shopping at Roosevelt Field gives one the chance to be on the receiving end of a custom made gift. You can go through the Roosevelt Field gift shops or search online for these shops. All the shops are located near the main entrance of the store, but with differences in prices. A visit to the store Locator, in New York City will help you locate these stores. The online store locator enables you to compare prices across different online stores.

Roosevelt Field has been serving customers with its wide range of services since the early 20th century. Now it is even easier to buy or sell your items with the online shopping available at the stores. You can also get information about the latest stores. You will find the information available here helpful when you need a business on the move.

Kelly Vision Center is just minutes away from Roosevelt Field.


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