LASIK prices tend to vary significantly between vision correction providers. The following factors are important to consider when choosing between premium LASIK centers and discount providers:

  • Surgeon Experience and Personal Care – New York ophthalmologist Dr. James Kelly has performed thousands of successful LASIK procedures, and he is dedicated to providing all of his patients with unparalleled personal care and attention. At many discount LASIK providers, staff members other than your surgeon will take measurements and conduct diagnostic exams. At Kelly Vision Center, we believe that it is important for the surgeon to perform all aspects of your care to ensure the best possible outcome. In order to guarantee our work, you will receive two years of post-surgery enhancements in the unlikely event it is necessary. Very few discount providers will provide this level of service.
  • Technology– Dr. Kelly uses only the latest and most advanced FDA-approved lasers on all procedures. At your initial consultation, Dr. Kelly will determine which laser will provide you with the best results. Learn more about our advanced technology Lasers. Read More
  • Continuing Education – Our staff regularly participates in continuing education courses in order to stay current with the latest and most advanced vision correction techniques.
  • These factors all contribute to superior results for your LASIK procedure. When choosing a LASIK provider, don’t let cost be the determining factor. Often, you may find you get what you pay for. At Kelly Vision Center, we provide premium services because we know you will appreciate the difference.