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Hofstra University

Hofstra University is an independent school located in Hempstead, New York near Atlantic City, New Jersey. Founded in 1935 by New York University (NYU), Hofstra graduated its first class of students with its renowned undergraduate program of education. Today, it is the most highly recognized and respected college on Long Island and is ranked among the top public research universities in the country. This distinguished educational institution is known for its exceptional academics, world-class facilities, and outstanding service to its students and alumni.

The name of the university was inspired by the famous Jewish writer Saul Bellow, who was born in Brooklyn and later earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Chicago. Long island’s largest private college, Hofstra originally began as an extension of NYU – Nassau College – in Hempstead, Long Island – named after an old-time community of Brooklyn Jews.

The school’s reputation has grown over time. It is now recognized as a nationally-acclaimed research university and a highly regarded liberal arts and sciences educational institution, providing both a strong academic and social environment for its students.

An innovative combination of rigorous academics and a challenging social atmosphere, the University of Hofstra is committed to teaching students about life’s many challenges while preparing them to lead a fulfilling social and economic life. The students are expected to have an intellectual curiosity, be concerned with issues concerning the world around them, be imaginative and compassionate, and have a wide range of skills and abilities that will serve them throughout their lives.

With more than 4,000 students enrolled, the faculty offers numerous courses that allow students to combine theoretical study with hands-on experience through internships, community service, and other special programs. The curriculum is designed to enable students to integrate practical knowledge of social and business concepts into their personal and professional lives.

The student body at the university is comprised of students of various ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, genders, and academic levels. The diversity of the student body makes it difficult for students to feel like they are being shut out or being discriminated against. The student body is made up of people who are proud of their heritage, culture, and religion and many of whom have never met or even seen each other.

Located on the Long Island seacoast, the University of Hofstra is one of the largest and most prestigious private colleges in the United States. The educational and academic excellence of this private institution has won it a long list of prestigious awards including the prestigious Phi Beta Sigma Award from the American Association of Higher Education. The school has been named a top public research university by many prominent educational journals, including “Diversity in Higher Education” Academic Search.”

Its mission is to catalyze a more enriching life for its students: “To provide the liberal arts and sciences education that enhance personal growth and open doors of opportunity for students who are willing to be committed to a challenging pursuit of excellence.” The school’s motto, “Vivacity and Intensity,” reflects the spirit of a student-centered approach to education. This is the hallmark of the students who attend this distinguished university.

To further the university’s commitment to student success, it is important to remember that students are responsible for the campus’s success. The student-athletes, professors, researchers, and administrators are all committed to making the school a model for higher learning and a place where people of all ages, races, creeds, and cultures can come together.

Several graduate and online bachelor’s degree programs are available to students of all majors. If you wish to pursue your graduate studies at a respected institution, consider taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience of an online degree program. With flexible classes and support, you can complete your studies in your free time. with your family, or friends and have the flexibility of attending online classes when possible.

The Bachelor’s degree program offered by Hofstra University is designed for students who are interested in an academic and career transition from high school to a new level of study. Whether you wish to pursue a Master’s degree or pursue an online degree, you can be assured that the academic standards, supportive faculty, and world-class academics are worth the effort.

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