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Make Your Eyes Clearer and Boost Your Confidence

Now, you can have clear eyes that will light up a room when you walk in! We all know your eyes have a major effect on the way you look and feel. How many times has someone looked you in the eye and said, “do you feel okay?” or “are you ‘tired?’”

You can finally love how your eyes look in the mirror and feel more secure about yourself with BRITE-WHITE™.

What Causes Discolored Eyes?

Many times, sunlight can cause permanent changes in your eyes, making them bloodshot, brown, and unhealthy looking even though you feel 100% fine. The sun can also cause brown pigmented spots or freckles that look “stained.” You may also have what called a pterygium which is an elevated, reddish growth on the surface of the eye.

Besides being unsightly, a pterygium will often cause redness, irritation, dryness, tearing, fluctuating vision, or distortion of the vision. Growth on the cornea can even lead to vision loss which can worsen if the pterygium is left to grow. BRITE-WHITE™ can be a great help in alleviating these symptoms and giving you clearer, brighter eyes.


BRITE-WHITE™ can remove a thin surface layer called conjunctiva. This membrane holds most of the redness and hyper-pigmentation. BRITE-WHITE™ is a no-stitch procedure, and typically takes less than 30 minutes to perform per eye. You will typically use eye drops for 8 weeks following the surgery.

How is BRITE-WHITE™ performed?

We gently remove the surface layer that is discolored or red. This is followed by an application of medication Mitomyicin-C that decreases the chances of the discoloration recurring. Then, the doctor applies a new surface layer.

How long does BRITE-WHITE™ take?

30 minutes per eye. Please note we only operate on one eye at a time. Waiting between 1-4 weeks to operate the other eye.

Will I be awake and is it painful?

You will be lightly sedated and receive local anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Most patients describe not being able to feel anything.

Will BRITE-WHITE™ affect my vision?

The goal of removing the conjunctiva is to decrease irritation/inflammation, achieve a normal, smooth ocular surface, improve the decreased vision caused by the redness and hyperpigmentation.

What is the downtime with BRITE-WHITE™?

We perform our BRITE-WHITE™ procedures on Friday and almost all patients resume their normal day to day activities on Monday. You will wear a patch after the procedure until the doctor removes it on your one-day post op appointment. You will be using drops for several weeks to help heal and aid in your recovery. Every patient heals and responds to the procedure differently. The full “BRITE-WHITE™ Eye” results are typically visible within 4-18 weeks after the procedure.

How long does BRITE-WHITE™ last?

The results last for many years ranging often 10 or more years. We would encourage asking your doctor questions and concerns about your specific condition. Like all other cosmetic procedures, you may need an enhancement to obtain desired results. This can be due to different factors, including genetics, environmental factors, and sun exposure.

Are there any side effects involved with BRITE-WHITE™?

It will take several weeks for the redness to dissipate. You may experience a bruise-like appearance for several weeks, which is common. Patients experience mild to severe light sensitivity, burning during eye drop application, swelling of eyelids, and mild to moderate discomfort or grittiness.

Am I a candidate for BRITE-WHITE™?

Anyone over the age of 18 years old who suffers from discoloration or redness to their eyes is a candidate. Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding are disqualified for this procedure.

Does insurance cover BRITE-WHITE™?

Generally, insurances do not cover elective or cosmetic procedures. However, there are some insurance companies with certain plans that may cover all or a portion of the procedure. We advise you to speak to one of our Patient Coordinators regarding insurance matters.


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