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Lasik FAQ

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Laser Eye Surgery & Vision Correction Concerns

You Have Questions. We Have Answers. Here are some of the most asked questions about Lasik.

1Which Vision Correction Procedure is Right For Me?
Because everyone’s eyes are different, we cannot recommend a particular procedure until you come in for a thorough eye examination. At this time, Dr. Kelly will assess your eye condition along with a number of other factors in order to determine which refractive procedure would give you the optimum vision results.
2Is LASIK Safe?
We can tell you that 99% of our patients have vision within 2 lines of 20/20. If you examine the experience and track record of our surgeon and our practice, we feel you will have no problem trusting your eyes to us. Dr. Kelly has performed many thousands of successful LASIK procedures.
3Does LASIK Hurt?
Because the eye is numbed using special anesthetic drops, the LASIK procedure itself is only mildly uncomfortable. The patient is awake throughout the procedure and may feel slight pressure. The most uncomfortable period is the few hours following surgery.
4What is The Difference Between Private Lasik Practices and Discount Providers?
The lowest price is not always the best value in eye care. Three main factors to consider are surgeon experience, technology, and personal care. For instance, many discount LASIK providers do not even allow you to have contact with the surgeon until the day of surgery. Many times your consultation and testing will be done by technicians, and you will not have the comfort of being able to talk with the doctor first. With Dr. Kelly, you will be seen by him during your pre-op and post-op visits which are included in your surgery price. Another big difference may be technology. Many discount centers do not invest in the latest equipment, possibly limiting a patient’s chance at an optimum outcome. We firmly believe that vision correction surgery is not a prudent place to cut corners.
5How Do I Know If I'm A Good Candidate For Laser Vision Correction?
Please refer to the Am I A Candidate? page.
6How Much Does Laser Vision Correction Cost?
Laser Vision Correction with Dr. Kelly can start as low as $42.00 per eye/per month. This includes all pre- and postoperative care and any LASIK-related follow-up care required for two years. Visit our Financing page for more information.
7Are Financing or Payment Options Available?
Yes, financing options are available! Credit cards are also accepted. Some people choose to set aside pre-tax money from their flexible benefits program at work to save for the procedure. When you visit us for your free consultation, we’ll go over all the options and help you choose the payment plan to best suit your needs. Visit our Financing page for more information.
8When Can I Return To Work After LASIK?
Most patients return to work the next day, so there’s little down time. Dr. Kelly will suggest that you take it easy for two to three days after LASIK and will make a recommendation for recovery time based on your individual vision needs, healing and work environment.
9Can I Watch Live Surgery?
Our prospective patients can arrange to view live surgery being performed by Dr. Kelly by calling the office. Most patients undergoing the procedure allow the laser suite curtains to remain open during the surgery so that prospective patients can view the surgery on a large monitor. This opportunity allows for first hand contact with our patients.
10What kind of lasers are used?
At Kelly Vision center, we use state of the art technology. We use the Alcon/Novartis FS200 or AMO/JOHNSON&JOHNSON Intralase to create the flap. We use the Wave Light eX500 for the reshaping of the cornea treatment.

Your Lasik questions answered by Dr. Kelly

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