Laser Cataract FAQ
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Laser Cataract FAQ

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1How do I know when I need cataract surgery?
When you can no longer do the things that you want to do because your vision isn’t good enough, you’re ready for cataract surgery.
2Should I get a multifocal IOL?
Multifocal IOLs are amazing for those who are excellent candidates for them. During your consultation with Dr. Kelly, we can figure out together what will give you the best vision for near and distance based on your specific needs.
3Can cataracts be fixed without surgery?
While scientists are working on medicines that may help slow the changing of the lens, there is no way to fix cataracts without surgery.
4What happens if I don't have my cataracts removed?
The vision will slowly get worse over time. If left long enough, hyper mature cataracts (a very severe form) can reduce the vision down to the point where a person is only able to tell if there is a light shining in their eye or not.
5Is cataract surgery safe?
Yes. Since it is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world, the safety and efficacy of cataract surgery has had a lot of time to be perfected to its current level. While any surgery has inherent risks and possible complications, they are either very minor or rare.
6Does insurance cover cataract surgery?
Yes. Insurance will pay for cataract surgery if the condition interferes with someone’s normal activities. Insurance will pay to replace the cloudy lens with a basic clear lens (called an intra-ocular lens, or IOL). Many patients have the option to choose lenses that will allow freedom from glasses not possible with basic IOL's. These are, however, not covered by insurance.
7How long is the recovery from cataract surgery?
People are usually back to their regular activities the next day.
8When should I have my cataract removed?
You should have your cataract removed when you are no longer able to do things that you want to do because of your vision.
9Is cataract surgery painful?
Many of our patients describe the normal surgical and healing process as painless. The total area disturbed on the surface is just over a tenth of an inch, and heals in a few hours.
10Can cataracts come back after surgery?
No. When they are gone, they're gone. A small number of patients will benefit from a one-time, 60-second, painless laser procedure at some point after the surgery if the capsule holding the new IOL gets cloudy (this is also covered by insurance).

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