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Self Test for Cataracts

Cataract Self Evaluation Test

Take our quick, free test to see if you’re a candidate for Kelly cataract surgery. One of our vision care specialists will be in touch with your results.

Under 1819-3940-5960+



I have trouble reading and seeing things up closeI have trouble driving and seeing things that are far awayI've been told that I have astigmatism

GlassesContactsReading GlassesBifocals/Trifocals

Blurry or cloudyNot as colorful or vibrant as it used to beHalos around lights and/or over-sensitivity to lightPoor at nightDouble or multiple images in one eyeNone of the above

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The answers to these questions will give us a general guideline as to your candidacy and expected outcome, the results of which we will provide. The only way to know the condition of your eyes is with thorough cataract medical examination.

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