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An Educational Day Spent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

So, you’re looking to spend a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Opened in 1870, the Met has since become a New York City staple and one of the leading museums for fine art. Whether you are an art fan, or looking for a detour as you a stroll down the Avenue of the Americas, there is something at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for you.

This is a short guide to help you add the museum to your tour of NYC. Even if you only stop by for a short time, we hope that you enjoy the beautiful exterior and some of the amazing art inside.


Where is It?

The Met is located in New York City in three different locations.

  • The Met Fifth Avenue
  • The Met Breuer
  • The Met Cloisters

All locations have different hours. Depending on what art you are interested in, you will want to schedule which branch you go to. However, you most likely will be interested in visiting the Fifth Avenue site because it is the most iconic.


How to Get There

It’s either a simple walk from the other landmarks, or you can hop on the subway if you’re farther away. For the Fifth Avenue location, simply hop on a train to Central Park. You can’t miss the Met near the St. Ignatius Loyola Church.

The Met Breuer location is farther down the same side of Central Park, down the street from the Consulate General of France. The Met Cloisters is farther away from the other locations right on the Hudson River.


How Do I Get Tickets?

The tickets can be purchased a couple different ways. You can click here to go directly to the Met website and purchase them there. That way you can go whenever you’d like throughout the day and don’t have to tailor your visit to a certain time.

If you’d like to purchase a NYC tour, you can choose one that includes Met tickets. This will be a more structured option if you like to have an organized schedule. There are also third-party websites that let you purchase museum tickets that includes extra items like a tour or some merchandise.


What Will I See?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the epicenter for art from around the world. You’ll see a lot of art movements represented throughout history like Impressionism, Cubism, and Minimalism. Artists from around the world are featured in the museum with their painting, sculptures, pottery, and even fashion pieces. America, India, France, China, and Egypt are a few of the countries with creatives represented at the Met.


Where to Grab a Bite

For day trips, the museum has one reservation-accepting restaurant and there first come, first serve dining establishments. The Dining Room, along with private dining tables, offers an a la carte dining experience with a specialized wine program.

The Petrie Court Cafe, which offers lunch items like sandwiches, salads, and soups. The eatery also offers a variety of pastries and beverages.


Make Time to Explore the Met

The Met can be either a part of a larger day trip or have a few days dedicated to each location in the city. Just set aside enough time to really get lost in the museum and explore!

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