IPL Can Treat Dry Eye

Do you feel like you need to use eye drops frequently throughout the day just to be able to see? Are your eyes frequently dry, or do they feel gritty or as though you have something stuck in them when in reality they are clear? You may even produce more tears than others, but still feel as if your eyes are perpetually dry. If so, you probably suffer from a common eye condition called dry eye.

For years, dry eye has been primarily treated through the use of eye drops, medication, oral antibiotics, or punctual occlusion. But new information is showing the possible use of intense pulse light therapy, or IPL, for treating dry eye.

Explanation of Dry Eye

In contrast to its name, dry eye may not actually produce eyes which are less moist than other eyes, but simply allow too much of their moisture to evaporate. Your eyes have a layer of oil on them which helps retain the moisture your tear ducts produce. This oil is produced by glands that may become clogged or produce too little oil to be effective in preventing dry eye.

For this reason, many individuals who believe they produce too many tears to suffer from dry eye are actually experiencing the condition. Dry eye can also be caused by:

  • Autoimmune disease
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Certain medications
  • Menopause or aging

Treating Dry Eye with IPL

Patients who are aware that they suffer from dry eye have often tried over-the-counter eye drops with little success, or finding only temporary relief through the use of warm compresses or even medication. But a new link between IPL treatment, such as is used for minimizing the effects of rosacea, and improving dry eye is creating a stir in the ophthalmology world.

Doctors are finding that patients who have undergone IPL treatment around the eye area are experiencing improvement in dry eye symptoms. IPL treatment is used to improve the health of skin tissue, but also seems to open up the glands which produce oil on the eye’s surface. While the use of IPL for treating dry eyes is still in its early stages, patients are finding relief from a condition they have been coping with for years.

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