Laser Eye Surgery Cost vs Contacts

Many people balk at the initial LASIK eye surgery cost. As an elective surgery, LASIK is not covered by most insurance plans. Even those of us with a medical savings account may worry that saving up for a vision correction procedure is too expensive.

While laser eye surgery is definitely an investment, it is also a permanent fix for refractive errors and can free you from the long-term hassle of cumbersome eye wear. When evaluating the laser eye surgery cost against its many benefits, the vast majority of patients find it is well worth the price tag. After surgery, many patients cite LASIK as a significant turning point in their lifestyle.

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost vs Contact Lenses

Consider this: depending on your specific vision disorder, contact lenses can cost $20 to $70 per box. With the exception of extended-wear contact lenses, there are generally 30 contact lenses per box. Most lenses need to be replaced frequently, with the average contact lens user going through around 10 boxes a year.
LASIK Eye Surgery Cost
When the accumulating costs are calculated, they average out to $200–$700 a year. Even though extended wear contact lenses can be worn longer, they are also more expensive, meaning your cost still averages out to around $700 a year. Taking all of this into account, contact lenses can end up costing you well over $20,000 over the course of a lifetime – a price that far exceeds the cost of LASIK.

Laser Eye Surgery Means No More Eye Wear

At Kelly Laser Center, we offer patients throughout New York City an alternative to expensive and burdensome prescription eye wear. We strongly believe in the benefits of vision correction surgery, striving to make permanent vision correction available to everyone who wants a life free of glasses and contact lenses.

We accept all major credit cards and offer several financing options – including 0% APR – to ensure you achieve the results you want without breaking the bank. You can discuss your financing options with Dr. James Kelly during your free initial LASIK consultation.

If you live in the Manhattan area and are interested in freeing yourself from the life-long expense of glasses and contacts, please contact the Kelly Laser Center today to schedule your free consultation.