LASIK vs Clear Lens Exchange

LASIK has long been known as the best surgical treatment for getting great vision without relying on glasses or contacts. However, you may recently have started hearing about clear lens exchange (or refractive lens exchange), and you might think that could be a better choice for you. The choice is easy to make: LASIK treats nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Clear lens exchange treats vision problems (typically farsightedness and loss of contrast or color sensititivity) due to your aging eyes.

This page can help you understand the procedures, but to find out which one is right for you depends on an evaluation of your eye by a refractive surgeon. To schedule an evaluation at either our Manhattan or Long Island office, please call 855-328-0201 or email Kelly Laser Center.

Understanding the Eye’s Lenses

Your eye has not one, but two lenses that allow you to focus on the objects you choose to look at. The outer lens, called the cornea, is fixed, reaching its essentially permanent shape in your late teens or early 20s. This is why you might have stopped needing new prescriptions for your glasses or contacts.

The inner lens, called just the lens, or sometime the clear lens or crystalline lens, is flexible, allowing you to focus on objects at different distances. However, over time it can lose its flexibility, and you lose your ability to look at objects at different distances, especially those up close.

What LASIK Treats

LASIK is a procedure that reshapes your cornea to correct vision problems such as:

For best results, people typically get LASIK soon after their vision stabilizes and so will experience several decades of great vision.

What Clear Lens Exchange Treats

Clear lens exchange corrects changes to your eye’s inner lens that lead to presbyopia and eventually cataracts. Clear lens exchange can be performed using advanced intraocular lenses that restore more youthful vision, or a monofocal lens that gives you clear vision at a distance, allowing you to drive without glasses, but requiring reading glasses.

We will evaluate your vision and the state of your eyes to determine the true cause of your vision loss, then make recommendations about the right procedure for you. Please contact Kelly Laser Center today for an appointment at either our Manhattan or Long Island office.