Visx STAR S4 Laser

What Is Visx STAR S4 Laser?

The VISX S4 Laser system is designed to allow the doctor to perform the LASIK procedure quickly and effectively.  This excimer laser system allows Dr. Kelly to track eye movements during the LASIK surgery using Variable Spot Scanning (VSS.)  This laser also reduces the thermal effects on the cornea for patients.

Benefits of the Visx Star S4 Laser

Visx STAR S4 Laser

  • Iris Registration (IR) treatment time is optimizes in order to conserve tissue and minimize thermal effects on the cornea
  • Minimizes additional time for wavefront-guided custom treatment over conventional treatment.
  • Eliminates need for dilation because the laser tracks the natural pupil.
  • Adjusts for patient movement with ActiveTrak™ to improve treatment accuracy.

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