Questions About Intralase

The technological advances in laser vision correction have made this popular surgery even safer and more effective than ever. Kelly Laser Center is pleased to offer the Abbott Medical Optics’ IntraLase® laser method as one option for patients who wish to improve their eyesight with LASIK surgery.

What is IntraLase?

IntraLase is a computerized laser technique to create a corneal flap to prepare the eyes for customized LASIK surgery. Quick, precise pulses of light are applied to the cornea’s top layer and contact at a pre-determined depth and location to create an ideal corneal flap. The light pulses create miniscule bubbles under the surface of the cornea, allowing the surgeon to gently fold back the flap.

How does the IntraLase process differ from traditional LASIK eye surgery?

Traditional LASIK eye surgery uses the microkeratome method which uses a hand-held metal blade to create a corneal flap. This method has been highly successful for millions of patients over the years; however, complications can occur due to the unpredictability of control. The microkeratome method is still used effectively for many patients.

The IntraLase method is 100% blade-free. It relies on a computerized laser to create customized, precise flaps to virtually eliminate problems such as cutting the corneal flap too thin or tearing the flap.

What are the benefits of IntraLase?

If you are considering LASIK eye surgery,consider the benefits of IntraLase:

  • More accurate flap than with a metal blade
  • Smoother flap
  • Better visual acuity after surgery
  • Improved, more secure corneal flap positioning after surgery
  • Allows many patients with thin corneas to benefit from LASIK surgery who otherwise may not be candidates

What are possible complications of IntraLase?

The chances of complications are very low with the IntraLase method; however, there are always risks involved with any type of surgery and this is no exception. While uncommon, some complications can include:

  • Infection
  • Corneal flap wrinkles
  • Dry eyes
  • Impaired night vision
  • Light sensitivity

Can wavefront technology be used with IntraLase?

Yes. Dr. Kelly can implement wavefront technology after the corneal flap is created with the IntraLase method. Wavefront technology allows Dr. Kelly to customize the reshaping of the cornea to correct for minute aberrations.

How long does the IntraLase process take?

Patients may be amazed to learn that it takes less than 20 seconds to create a corneal flap using theIntraLase method. In fact, the entire LASIK process typically takes well under 10 minutes. Patients usually enjoy excellent vision within the first 24 hours, with improvement for weeks thereafter.

If you have additional questions about the IntraLase method and would like to speak to New York board-certified eye surgeon Dr. James R. Kelly, please contact Kelly Laser Center today for a consultation. Dr. Kelly performs LASIK eye procedure in his Manhattan and Long Island offices.