Intraocular Lens Options: Tecnis, Crystalens and ReSTOR

Intraocular Lens Options (IOLs)

Kelly Vision center offers only the best premium IOLs for patients in the New York area to improve a patient’s vision following cataract surgery.

The procedure involves removing the eye’s natural lens, which has grown opaque or obscured. After cataract surgery, there are many options for replacement lenses, including lenses that may actually make your vision better than it was before you started developing cataracts, which means no more reading glasses, and, in some cases, no more glasses at all.

Tecnis® is one of those lenses, and it is the first intraocular lens (IOL) whose design is based on the data from wavefront scans of human eyes. Wavefront is the technology behind customize LASIK, making Tecnis a proven technology.

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Crystalens is the only FDA-approved lens that operates the same way your natural lens does, changing focus so you can see objects at different distances. Used in conjunction with standard cataract extraction methods, the Crystalens can restore a full range of functional vision, from distance to reading vision without total dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

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ReSTOR has concentric rings of different lens power so that there is a full range of vision, near to far, that is in focus without need for glasses. It is a great lens for people who want to be able to both drive and read without glasses. People who play sports such as golf or tennis can enjoy good distance and near vision without loss of depth perception.

If you have astigmatism, you know that it makes it harder for you to get a good prescription for glasses or contacts, and that it interferes with your vision at all distances. It may also interfere with your ability to see clearly after cataract surgery. However, Toric IOL allow us to correct your astigmatism and have clear distance vision or near vision.

Please contact cataract surgeon Dr. James R. Kelly for a free consultation to learn more about intraocular lenses and to find out which is best for you.

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