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Kelly Vision Center is a TearLab Accredited Dry Eye Center

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How can TearLab help with Dry Eye?

Dry eye is one of the most under-diagnosed ocular diseases, and yet it is the most common reason why patients go see their eye care professional. Dry eye occurs when eyes do not produce the right quantity or quality of tears. Your eyes need a constant layer of tears to maintain and protect the ocular surface. In Dry Eye, underlying changes to the health of the tear-producing glands can result in a change in the quantity and quality of the tears you make. This can lead to damage of your eye’s surface, which, in turn, can lead to the symptoms of Dry Eye. Tear Lab can help Dr. Kelly monitor and treat Dry Eye.

What is TearLab?

TearLab is the single most accurate and objective test for diagnosing Dry Eye Disease. TearLab generates an Osmolarity number, which provides significant information to monitor your response to treatment. The test is fast, easy, and accurate – requiring only 50-nanoliters of tear for analysis – a sample smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. It is also more patient friendly than older generation tests, as it is not intrusive, and requires no anesthesia.

What is your number?

The Osmolarity of your Tear film, determined by the TearLab Osmolarity system, is a measurement of the salt content in your tears. Osmolarity is the accepted gold standard for objectively diagnosing Dry Eye Disease. Essentially, osmolarity gives doctors a meaningful measure of the health and stability of the protective tear film that covers the surface of the eye. Dr. Kelly will test both eyes, and take the highest result of the two eyes to determine your “Osmolarity Number.” Once your “Osmolarity number” is generated , we can determine whether you have Dry Eye Disease, and if so, whether you fall into the mild, moderate, or severe category. This will in the development of the appropriate treatment to bring the ocular surface and tear film back to good health.

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