TECNIS® Intraocular Lens

What is TECNIS® Intraocular Lens?

TECNIS® is a multifocal IOL used to replace your eye’s natural lens after cataract surgery. This means that it is a lens designed to help you see clearly at different distances by providing different focal powers. This creates several images on the retina, allowing your brain to select the clearest one. What makes TECNIS® unique is that its design is based on the data from thousands of wavefront scans of eyes. Wavefront, the technology behind customized LASIK, helped reveal that a particular kind of vision defect, spherical aberrations, is minimized at age 19, but worsens in the lens with age, while the cornea is unaffected.

Your vision with TECNIS®

TECNIS® is designed to optimize near and distance vision while giving you reasonable intermediate vision. There are also a number of properties to the lens material used in the TECNIS® that may improve your vision under certain circumstances and may support long-term eye health. TECNIS® may also improve your color sensitivity compared to other types of IOLs, and it will certainly be improved over your color vision with cataracts. We can discuss these technological details during your consultation.