ReSTOR Lens for Cataract Surgery
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If you suffer from cataracts there is an option available to you that can allow you to stop considering a future with limited or no eyesight and begin looking forward to a future with clear vision.

Many aging individuals find the need for reading glasses or bifocals, but with TORIC ReSTOR® IOLs, you can have the convenience of a progressive lens that allows you to see both near and far while removing the continued threat of cataracts.

How does TORIC ReSTOR® work?

The TORIC ReSTOR® intraocular lens is an in-eye lens that replaces your eye’s natural lens. Rather than a strictly bifocal lens, TORIC ReSTOR® allows you to see at virtually any distance. Though the lens itself does not change shape, your eyes will learn to look through different parts of the lens to focus at different distances. Many patients find that they do not need reading glasses after receiving TORIC ReSTOR® lenses.Please contact New York cataract surgeon Dr. James Kelly for a free consultation to learn more about intraocular lenses and to find out if you are a good candidate for the TORIC ReSTOR® Lens.

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