Cataract Surgery: What to Expect

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that can often be completed in less than 30 minutes. During cataract treatment, your cloudy lens will be removed and an artificial lens will be inserted in its place. This new lens will be immune to future clouding and may even help improve previous vision difficulties. Your results will depend on factors unique to your eyes, but every care is taken to provide you with the most pleasing results possible.

Surgical Steps

To ensure your comfort, New York cataract surgeon Dr. James Kelly will administer topical anesthesia prior to beginning your procedure. Once you have been made sufficiently comfortable, a small incision will be made in your cornea through which a very thin probe can be inserted. This probe will emit ultrasound to emulsify the cataract before removing it with very gentle suction.

Following the removal of your cloudy lens, an artificial lens will be implanted through the same incision, directly into your lens capsule. The type of artificial lens used in your cataract surgery will be determined based on your particular needs and discussed in full with you prior to your procedure.

Following Cataract Surgery

In the days following your cataract surgery, it is common to experience some irritations including:

  • Blurry vision
  • Itching
  • Mild discomfort

These problems should self-correct within a few weeks at the most, often within one to two days. It is important that you follow all of Dr. Kelly’s post-surgical advice during this time to minimize your risk for complications.

Avoid rubbing your eyes, use all prescribed eye drops and oral medications, and wear your eye patch as recommended to help reduce your risk for infection and to control eye pressure and discomfort. These simple steps can help ensure a quick and safe recovery.

If you have cataracts in both eyes, Dr. Kelly will treat one eye at a time, allowing a few weeks in between for proper healing before performing cataract surgery on the other eye.

If you live in or around New York City and have questions about cataract surgery, please contact Kelly Laser Center to schedule a free initial consultation today.