United Healthcare Medical Insurance

United HealthcareUnited Healthcare is part of UnitedHealth Group, the largest single health carrier in the United States, with 70 million covered individuals and more than 680,000 health care providers in their network, they also claim to strive for improvements in the health care system.

United Healthcare offers many different policies for people in New York, with variable benefits among the policies. In general however, United Healthcare plans cover:

More than other insurers, United Healthcare bases its coverage decisions on the coverage policies of Medicare, and publishes very little external coverage guidelines. More information about LASIK and cataract surgery coverage is included below.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery and most related diagnostic tests are covered by United Healthcare. Some tests may only be covered if a patient had prior refractive surgery (such as LASIK).

Since Medicare doesn’t cover premium IOLs, neither does United Healthcare. This includes both presbyopia-correcting IOLs (ReSTOR and Tecnis) and astigmatism-correcting IOLs (toric).


Refractive surgery for correction of vision errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness is considered elective and is not covered. United Healthcare does not support the use of refractive procedures to correct vision errors after cataract surgery or scleral buckling.

In addition, United Healthcare offers health savings account (HSA) plans that allow you to use before-tax dollars to pay for LASIK. Even if you do not have an HSA, your employer may offer flexible spending accounts that also allow you to use before-tax dollars to pay for LASIK.

If you have specific questions about your insurance coverage, please contact Kelly Laser Centertoday to talk to an insurance coordinator at our Manhattan or Long Island, New York location.