Benefits of Allegretto Wave

There are several advantages to using the Allegretto Wave excimer laser. The end result is excellent vision following LASIK surgery with a reduction in side effects, such as glare and halos sometimes seen at night. These benefits are the result of technology that is extremely advanced.

To find out if using the Allegretto Wave excimer laser is right for your New York City, Long Island, or Manhattan, New York LASIK surgery, please contact experienced ophthalmologist Dr. Kelly for an initial consultation.

Benefits of Allegretto Wave

  • Wavefront-guided Technology – Creates a detailed map of your eye at the microscopic level to reduce or eliminate aberrations, which result in better vision.
  • Speed – Allegretto Wave is one of the fastest excimer lasers used today. The beam is able to track your eye’s movement as many as 200 times per second. Depending on how much vision correction you need, the average correction is eight seconds. Even those with high prescriptions will have a quick eye procedure. This speed helps to reduce post operative side effects by increasing vision predictability.
  • PerfectPulse Technology™ – This technology combines laser speed and eye tracking advancements so that the laser pulse hits the eye in an extremely controlled way. The number of times the pulse hits the eye results in precise and accurate corneal shaping to give you the clearest vision possible.
  • Cross Line Projector- An important factor in a successful outcome is knowing the exact alignment of the eye. A red cross line allows Dr. Kelly to know the correct position so that the laser beam pulse can be where it needs to be.

The advantages of the Allegretto Wave excimer laser translate into excellent vision for you. The speed and accuracy of the laser allows Dr. Kelly to treat patients even with severe myopia or hyperopia, as well as those with astigmatism.

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