Allegretto Wavelight

Allegretto Wavelight Eye-Q Laser
There are a small percentage of LASIK patients who will experience halos, increased glare, and reduction in general night vision after their eye surgery. A majority of these patients have undergone LASIK using older generation of lasers. Though a majority of people who receive LASIK surgery will not have any problems, the newest lasers incorporate technology that reduce the chance of detrimental side effects such as halos or glares.

If you are in the New York City, Long Island, or Manhattan, New York area, and are concerned about halos or glare following your LASIK surgery, please contact experienced LASIK surgeon Dr. James Kelly for an initial consultation. The Food and Drug Administration approved the Allegretto Wave excimer laser for use in LASIK surgery. Allegretto Wavelight uses a type of technology called PerfectPulse Technology.

This means the laser is calibrated to fit your individual eye measurements. The high quality of control during your LASIK eye surgery is adjusted through the energy level of the laser at each checkpoint it makes. The tracking technology used in Allegretto Wavelight charts the movement of the eye at 200 times a second. This is among the fastest types of tracking performed by excimer lasers today. This allows the beam to know exactly where your eye is at all times. The eye may move quickly and possibly out of range of the beam, but the beam will wait for the eye to return to the proper position so that it can continue tracking.

Wavefront-Guided Technology

Allegretto Wavelight uses wavefront-guided technology. Since no two eyes are the same, this allows a detailed map to be created of your eye down to the microscopic level. When the laser knows precisely where to go, more of the corneal tissue can be preserved. The results are clear vision.Allegretto Wavelight also creates a large optical zone. This is the part of the cornea that is actually touched by the beam of the laser. The quality of night vision after Allegreto Wavelight treatment is unparalleled in laser vision correction technology.  Night vision side effects, such as glares and halos, are primarily eliminated because of this. In fact, clinical results show a nearly 100% success rate for overall vision and night vision.

If you would like to know more about the Allegretto Wavelight Eye-Q excimer laser, please contact the Kelly Laser Center. We serve patients in the New York City, Long Island, and Manhattan areas.