JJ Kincaid’s Testimonial

JJ Kinkaid from New York's Z100 Radio

JJ Kincaid from New York’s Z100 Radio

“Kelly Laser Center is Changing lives”

When he’s not entertaining millions of listeners in the greatest city in the world, JJ Kincaid at New York’s Z100 radio is now doing everything he’s wanted to do without glasses.

JJ had Lasik with doctor Kelly and can now surf, ski, play baseball and even walk down Broadway seeing everything in detail. And he’s especially excited that for the first time in his life, the only eyeglasses he’ll ever need are sunglasses. In fact, he’ll never need to buy regular glasses or contacts ever again.

After the procedure, JJ proudly told his audience that premium vision correction at Kelly Laser was “like going from analog to HD!” “At $42 per month per eye with special financing, why wouldn’t you get Lasik?”

He’s got a crystal clear voice and now vision to match. Kelly Laser Center has changed JJ’s life and they can do the same for you.